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  Transferred Students to US Universities from India

International Science & Technology's India Initiative Program is focused on creating collaborative academic programs between the highly accredited colleges and universities in the USA and India. IS&T India Initiative is the only such initiative today to help Indian students to transfer college credits from Indian colleges and universities to the US Universities.

Undergraduate students from India will be able to Transfer two years worth of course load to US universities which is equivalent of 60 credit hours or approximately 20 courses in the US Universities and complete their undergraduate program at the highly recognized and accredited Universities. Students interested in transferring 1 year worth of course load to US Universities are also eligible to do so.

Graduate students from India will be allowed to transfer up to 9 credit hours of course load from India to US universities in Engineering, natural sciences, Humanities and Business. By this process Indian students will be able to complete their degree program in less time at the US University campus. TOEFL, GRE or GMAT will be a part of the acceptance criteria.

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Teacher/Faculty Training Institutes in India:

Part of the India Initiative and catering to the growing demand of trained faculties in Indian colleges and universities, IS&T will create multiple collaborative Teacher/Faculty training facilities around India. High quality human capital creation depends heavily on the quality and trained teachers and faculties. The faculty training program is created to be effective in producing highly motivated, professionally trained in the subject and college or university appropriate teaching skills. This program is supported by a more than century old teacher training university in the USA.

The program is divided in to two parts. Part one is delivered directly in India via live distance education system from the US campus. Part two is delivered at the US campus by the US faculties. The course work and the training program is constitute of subject specific, advance teaching skills and hands on laboratories is required at the US campus. This post graduate level certification program has the possibility to Masters in Subject Specific Education.

Collaborative Academic Degrees:

Indian Universities and colleges will be able create Joint Ventures or Collaborative degree programs with accredited US Universities. Dual degree programs or dual continent programs can be created to provide international standard undergraduate or graduate degrees to Indian students via combination of on-campus, live distance learning and US Campus studies. Indian Institutes will be able to leverage from the infrastructure idle time utilization for a higher quality
internationally accredited


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